TANDKVIST - Press Release 2021




Announcing the launch of the innovative and environmentally conscious range of oral care products TANDKVIST that features a bamboo toothbrush with a head attracted to magnets and record amount of bristles alongside the world’s only flosser made from heat-pressed bamboo.


TANDKVIST is a environmentally conscious Swedish oral care brand made from natural material that is improving everyday routines by focusing on climate, quality and innovation. Together with some more traditional products, TANDKVIST is introducing the worlds first and only heat-pressed bamboo flosser and a unique bamboo toothbrush with a record-breaking amount of soft bristles and a head that is attracted to magnets without any visual compromise.


Tandkvist celebrates it’s premier by offering a sustainable toothbrush travel kit called which includes the T20 Bamboo Toothbrush, BOW Bamboo Flosser, a small pack of A1 Toothpicks and a anti-bacterial and breathable travel case made from recycled paper and activated charcoal. Additionally to the range of Tandkvist products are three types of holders, two types of stone stands and one wall magnet.


Tandkvist A1 Toothpicks is a traditional style of toothpicks made from bamboo. This first classic variant of A1 Toothpicks is called Original - No. 01. Other than being seen inside the T20+ kit it also comes in a separate match-box packaging that up to 100 pieces of selected toothpicks.


Tandkvist BOW Bamboo Flosser is the world first and only bamboo flosser. This first style of bamboo flosser is heat-pressed from a solid piece of bamboo to get a strong bow-like shape that holds double none-flavoured floss strings. The BOW-handle can be re-used to hold and tighten other types of floss simply by bending the bow and winding the floss at both ends.


Tandkvist T20 Bamboo Toothbrush is the first toothbrush to enter the Tandkvist range. It is made from bamboo and is designed especially for that material. The handle keeps the fibres intact from bottom to head and features a shape and lasering that allows for comfortable grip-combinations and a balanced overall weight.


The head of Tandkvist T20 is packed with 2760 soft anti-bacterial charcoal bristles, which is 2,5 times more bristles than the leading brand. This gives the user much more comfort and efficiency. The bristles are anchored down by ferromagnetic anchors that allows the head to attract magnets. This toothbrush can therefor quickly go from the sink to the wall with the help of Tandkvist Wall Magnet.


Tandkvist Wall Magnet is a simple but very strong magnet that comes with an adhesive side that can be attached to any flat surface. Tandkvist Wall Magnet can hold anything with even the slightest amount of steel but is especially made to hold Tandkvist toothbrushes.


TANDKVIST is also launched with Stone Stands that are smooth river stones shaped by natured for over thousands year and features either a diamond drilled single hole or a twin hole to store your toothbrush, toothpicks or flosser as an alternative to the Tandkvist Wall Magnet.


Tandkvist is committed to creating environmentally conscious oral care that entrust people to make better choices to improve both their daily routine as well as our planet.


All of the bamboo material used in our products is from responsibly managed forests. After the bamboo is cut, it goes through a special drying-process to produce the finest quality bamboo. We then select only the best of the best material to be used in Tandkvist’s products. Our products are finally treated with virgin coconut oil and bees wax to maximize water resistance and oral hygiene.


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