Tandkvist was conceptualized, designed and developed in Sweden with the minimalistic design, environmental mindset and smart features that Sweden is known for.

We set out to create a range of oral care products made from nature that is superior in every way to that of their plastic competition so that people wouldn’t have any excuse to continue using plastic.

We make sure our electricity is green and we have the ambitions to make our products climate positive in their own manufacturing process, until they are put on the market.

We have decades of experience creating professional oral care products, and have been producing products in bamboo for twice as long. This allows us to push the limits of what bamboo is capable of and can create products and features that has never been seen before.

The words "Tand-kvist" translates to "Tooth-branch" and embodies the concept of Tandkvist creating natural and climate conscious oral care that entrust people to make better choices to improve both their daily routine as well as our planet.

All of the bamboo material used in our products is from responsibly managed forests. After the bamboo is cut, it goes through a special drying-process to produce the finest quality bamboo. We then select only the best of the best material to be used in Tandkvist’s products. Our products are finally treated with virgin coconut oil and bees wax to maximize water resistance and oral hygiene.


/Jakob Lennartsson