Premium Swedish oral care made from nature, with a mission: To create innovative and climate conscious oral wellness essentials from natural material.

Tandkvist was designed, developed and established in Torshälla, Sweden. A country with over 100,000 lakes and 200,000 islands filled with fresh air, water, nature and beauty. Sweden is also well-known for their Scandinavian furniture design and quality manufacturing.

Torshälla is located on the edge of one of Sweden’s biggest lakes and is one of the oldest towns in Sweden, known for it’s craftmanship and manufacturing skills, being a place of significance even during the age of the Vikings, as the name of the town still echoes.
Backed with this traditional craftmanship knowledge and decades of experience manufacturing toothbrushes we designed a range of natural oral wellness products that are climate friendly and proven to be extra efficient.

The words "tand” and “kvist" are Swedish and translates to "tooth-branch", which embodies the concept of Tandkvist creating oral care from nature that entrust people to make better choices to improve both their daily routine as well as our planet.

With the state-of-the-art technology we use to make Tandkvist combined with our unique design we are able to manufacture products that are extra efficient and hygienic. We are proud to break the record of the amount of bristles fitted in a natural toothbrush.

We select only the finest quality material to be used in Tandkvist products and make sure that all the wood is grown in responsibly managed forests.

The ambition of our products is to ensure an enjoyable and efficient cleaning of your teeth without making any negative effects on our planet, and to improve daily routine without compromising on modern lifestyle.


Jakob Lennartsson & Johan Bohlin

Tandkvist Founders.